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Duty to Country is Family Affair

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Duty to Country Is Family Affair for Edmondsons
— Many children follow in their parents footsteps, but very rarely do the parents follow their in their children’s footsteps.
Spc. Michael Edmondson, postal operations specialist, 747th Adjutant General Postal Company, who has been stationed at FOB Marez since November, heard in January that the Army was sending him a very unique present.
“I was pretty excited when I heard my dad was going to be here,” said Michael.
Michael’s father, Lt. Col. Guy Edmondson, military transition team commander, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Iraqi Army Division, had spent four months trying to find a way to get sent back to Iraq.
“I started working different ways to volunteer for Iraq in August, when I found out he was deploying,” said Guy. “When I found out in January that we were going to be at the same base I was surprised.”
The father and son reunited the good, old-fashioned American way, over a meal at the dining facility, March 1.

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