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Standing Up to the Bullies Against Prayer

Can you believe this judge? Thank you Marion for standing up for your First Amendment rights and preserving the same for others.

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Speaker Husted, there is someone I would like you to meet. A friend of mine named Marion Ward. She was bullied, too. She was just a teenager, but she didn’t back down. She was bullied by her teachers, her principal, her school board and a federal judge. Not just any federal judge, but a Judge Samuel Kent – who hates prayer even more than the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party.
Take a look at what he said about prayer at high school graduations:
And make no mistake, the court is going to have a United States marshal in attendance at the graduation. If any student offends this court, that student will be summarily arrested and will face up to six months incarceration in the Galveston County Jail for contempt of court. Anyone who thinks I’m kidding about this better think again. …
Anyone who violates these orders, no kidding, is going to wish that he or she had died as a child when this court gets through with it.
she won.
She got to pray
worked to pass a state law to let other kids pray

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Letter to a Marine in Iraq


I preached on II Samuel 10 this morning. I drew parallels between their situation, what our fathers faced in 1776, and what we face today.

When Ammon doubled their army with mercenaries from Syria, David did not wait for the attack, he sent Joab and the army to Ammon.

Joab made it clear that he would not desert his comrades and they would not desert him. Joab called the army to be strong and courageous because even though in Ammon, they were defending their families and their homes. If the army of Israel was defeated, devastation would come to their homeland. While demanding that they be strong and courageous and committed to victory, he also acknowledged that it would be the Lord who would give victory. This combination of courage, commitment, and trust in God, is what is needed as much today as it was then.

If our fathers had been in for only an easy victory, we would not have a United States of America today. They were pledged and committed to winning Independence from the British redcoats, a seemingly impossible task. By God’s grace, and their courage, commitment, and sacrifice, they won the freedom that we enjoy today.

A final thing that I pointed out is what the naysayers would have been saying of the situation in David’s day. “If only David had used more wisdom in sending the delegation to Ammon.” “David should have known better than to intrude in the affairs of Ammon.” “David caused this war by sending the army to Ammon.” “The Ammonites are just peace loving people, and David has provoked this hatred towards us,” ignoring centuries of history of course. “If ‘President’ David would just bring the army home, everything would be great and the peaceful people of Ammon would just leave us alone.”

Even after the first defeat, Syria did not give up. They simply went home and raised a far more powerful army and came down to conquer Israel. Peace did come. It came with victory!

We pray for your protection. We pray for your victory. Thank you and your men for being strong and courageous, defending your families and homes!


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