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Small Plant Give Hope

Maybe we all ought to stop and appreciate what we take for granted. Thank God for green.

Kool-aid plant? Hey that’s a new one to me.

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NEAR KARMAH, Iraq (August 19, 2007) – Without question,
the desert can be a barren, unforgiving place.
longing for “green” among Battalion Landing Team 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
personnel has been pacified with the chance growth of a tiny green plant.

A lone plant was noticed by Marines growing within the compound of Combat Outpost Chicago, Aug. 14.  The plant represents a vast range of what Marines miss most while being deployed in support of operation Iraqi Freedom.
The plant was noticed by Marines Aug. 14, following a
mortar attack on the base. In the confusing aftermath and struggle to get
protective gear on, a voice was heard the chaos: “Hey, is that a plant?”
“Whoa, there’s a plant growing over there!”
A small green stalk with two little leaves on top, the
plant has yet to be identified
Perhaps a sunflower or tobacco plant, as the ground of some living areas are
littered with. Maybe even a kool-aid plant, because it sprouted directly
beneath a box of powdered drink mix. More likely, however, it is a
watermelon vine, planted by a Marine discarding the seed while enjoying the
fruit (which locals here sell at marketplaces).
“That thing just gives me hope!” exclaimed one Marine.
I just miss green.”
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