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Confessions of a Transgressor

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There are some who would say that “denial” is a river in Egypt. Unfortunately most of those people are in fact living in denial (hope they don’t drown in it).
My grandfather had a saying, “It doesn’t affect me – affect me – affect me …” He would use it when there was some self-denial going on. The point being that we could claim something had nothing to do with us, when in fact its effects were profound enough to cause serious dysfunction to be occurring. Denying the truth did not negate its effects.
The greatest sickness of man is the fact that our sin has separated us from God. Denying that reality does not negate the devastating effects of the separation. Nothing can be truly right when we are denied the relationship with our Creator for which we were created.

There is great power in finding the relief of guilt coming from the forgiveness of God. He will not offer that relief until we confess the sin.

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Marines Trade Bullets for Compassion

Embedded reporters report.
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The Anbar Awakening, for some, is a clich easily dismissed as an Iraqi fluke
What you see throughout Anbar Province is the fruit of five years of concerted COIN (counter-insurgency) operations.”
When the captain is not overseeing SWEAT operations, namely Sewage, Water, Electricity, Academics and Trash, he’s insisting that an “M” should be added to the military acronym: “I’m working heavily on medical.”
Maj. Rory Quinn has also seen the light. He got to know Ramadi the first time around, “last year,” as the Marines refer to their last tour when these jarheads patrolled the streets at a steady jog pace instead of the almost leisurely strolling now seen in the souk, Ramadis booming open market district.
Streets that were once littered with refuse are now ritually swept
“Leave this country better off than when we got here.” A definition of victory the people of Ramadi, so far, can agree on.
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